If you are expecting just another coffee shop, forget it. If you are bringing your snooty consumer, “me first” attitude, I’ d suggest you move along. If you want to stay in your monocultured, supersized, Starbuckified box, then you will be sorely disappointed.

However, if you feel giddy about discovering a one of a kind, eco-chic, artisan crafted environment then you may be on the right track. The vegan sandwiches are the best that you’ll find anywhere, on island or off. The beverages are nothing short of remarkable, and the barista is a genuine artist, nay alchemist, who pours her love into every drink. Feeling low? There is a potion for that! Have a cold coming on? She’ll fix you a killer tonic that will set you straight. Enjoy authentic chai? Delhi has nothing on her. Love the matcha? The best in Tokyo couldn’t do better. Open your heart and you may discover the wonder of Morningside. Come with your bad attitude and you might have your head handed back to you on a platter.

Are the prices higher than you are used to? Yes, of course, but what else do you expect for healthy, fully organic, local and artisan offerings on a small island? But aren’t you, and the environment, worth it?

OH, and don’t forget that the walls are alive with a wide assortment of thought-provoking and soul nourishing books, carefully selected and curated by the proprietor.

No wonder this place is a “strange attractor” for the island’s many “cultural creatives”. A destiny meeting place for so many!

Let Morningside in and it might just change your life.