beesspring is here and we are thrilled to announce a new line of seedpods! grow guerilla gardens with these non-GMO, open-pollinated wildflower blends. All you need to do is throw it down on bare earth … and let the sun and rain do their magic! bees will thrive thanks to your bee-autiful offering!

now available in great colours and gift sizes! We are now selling collections of seedballs in tiny and medium-sized glass mason jars, in addition to our classic ‘gumball machine’ single seedpod. amazing birthday party idea for kids’ loot bags! wonderful gift for the gardener, nature lover, and bee-buddies in your life! each seedpod contains a mix of native pacific northwest wildflowers. all seeds are native, open-pollinated and non-gmo. varieties: california yarrow, godetia, farewell to spring, chinese houses, plains coreopsis, california poppy, globe gilia, bird’s eyes, tidy tips, mountain phlox, blue flax, sickle-keeled lupine, russell lupine, blazing star, five spot, baby blue eyes, evening primrose & california bluebell. feed wild bees with nectar and pollen from native plants! simply scatter seedpods and the rain will nourish them into a garden for bees.