“we are summer arrivers to saltspring island and the anticipation of disembarking from the ferry is preceded by the excitement of knowing that our first stop on the island will be morningside bakery. for almost nine years now, we drive over the metal plank of the ferry, turn immediately to the right, find a spot to park in the shade, and walk into the open arms and grand smiles of morningside. alan and manot have created a space that is both deliciously organic in food and mental atmosphere. ever creative, we look forward to the bakery’s colors, textures, scents, and warmth. morningside is a hub of local creativity that attracts the island’s talents and eclectics. all strangers coming into the cafe leave with a precious appreciation. as part-timers, morningside was a meaningful reason we purchased land on saltspring, and the cafe helped to integrate us into the community. thanks be to morningside.”