“We moved to Salt Spring just over three months ago and this is a destination at least weekly for us. When you arrive in Fulford village you will notice the quaint beauty of all the little shops. Do yourself a favor and make a point to stop in Morningside Cafe/Bookstore.

ou are in for a real treat. The food is made with incredible awareness, and highest quality ingredients. I have heard more than once another customer asking how they do it. Manet and Allen are the owners and tirelessly spend time making you feel welcome. The food and how it is served, is an experience all too missing in most cafes today. Real food, be sure to get a loaf of bread. Soaked grains hand milled freshly. The drinks are incredible made with nurturing care. It’s the most fulfilling experience to be there. Also available, an array of carefully chosen books on relevant topics. A cafe with two people who are running more than a business. Morningside is a place to have an intelligent, informative discussion with people who truly care for the planet and all it’s sentient beings. Bring your appetite, your thirst and a bit of time for conversing. You’ll be glad you did. Oh, and buy a book this is an Island treasure not to be missed.”