“if you are looking for the real thing this is it.

tucked away within 30 paces from the fulford harbour ferry terminal, (20 paces off the dock and 10 paces to the right) you will find a tiny oasis with style and thought put into every square meter.

mano will greet you in her native french canadian accent and offer her recommendations for a healthy reprieve and alan will bring you up to date on the latest green energy technology while you select a wide variety of organic pastries, breads, tea, coffee, or chai…. oh and there is an excellent mini book store of relevant authors consistent with an organic view of the world.

these locals bring you into their custom hand finished space (created out of alan’s imagination and manon’s european sensibility) gently and with out attitude while offering free wifi combining the feel of the north west end of middle-earth and the first flying machine… (you have to see it to understand).

i encourage you to linger and in short order you will be current on the latest in local green and organic initiatives while a continuous line of eco-focused clientele stream in and out.”

julian macqueen