“whenever we are on ssi, we make it a point to visit the morningside cafe. we love their dedication and their mindfulness. manon is a true artisan, no one makes better matcha green tea lattes, we are vegan and she transcends the ordinary, and her raw treats are to live for, seriously, to live for! we love alan’s & manon’s book and music selection – very mindful, informative, inspiring stuff. we could tell you more, but then why spoil the magic! can hardly wait to give their new heated patio a go, very groovy organic space overall; and now video nights & more – awesome. and yes, you can find bliss there, not just a wonderful experience, they have the most amazing beautiful, delicious coconut ice cream. so much in such a cozy well thought out space. we love it there, and look forward in seeing and experiencing it again. it is one of the major reasons why we go to ssi. lots of love”