I’ve eaten here twice, after receiving a high recommendation by friends. Being a foodie, and appreciating good coffee, healthy food and quality ingredients – I love everything I have tried thus far!

Have had the coffee (exceptional coffee..), the carrot cake (really amazing carrot cake..) and the vegan burger (best burger – vegan or otherwise – I’ve ever remember having.. Period.). Fyi, thats good.

First off, its not just the food that is organic,, rather the entire environment seems inspired by natures design and weaves mindfulness throughout the boutique, emphasized by the sincerity of the individuals and desplayed in the amazing selection of books available for sale. I had been seeking some quality reading material, and so thus was nice for me.

I’ll speak mostly to the vegan burger, because after eating it once the memory had remained with me during the several months I had been off Island travelling Asia before returning today and sampling the cuisine a second time.

The burger was hearty, offers a whole spectrum of rich and subtle flavors, and is a very good sized portion. For me, thats great because its too often I end up ordering a second main course at many restaurants that ‘apparently’ have good portions. Thus, for the price; When considering the quality of ingredients, the care of preparation, the originality of the recipe, and the overall deliciousness of the dish,,, it’s now one of my favourite meal options in North America.

That’s all I have to say. Try for yourselves.

  • Visited April 2016