“Morningside is an experience… Walk in slowly and quietly. Take a moment to read the walls and absorb the energy and the message they are offering you. Reflect for a moment… You will then understand that this is a place where the food is prepared with a deep respect for the environment and for your body. My personal favourites are the chai lattés, that are exceptional, paired with a slice of cake (yes, healthy and delicious) or a muffin. I always leave feeling happy and satiated. But, you can feed more than just your body; Morningside is also a book and music store. The book selection is varied and exceptional, and all of it sure to educate and heal you. My husband and I have been making Morningside a special treat to be anticipated and then enjoyed whenever we go to Salt Spring Island. We opened ourselves to the experience of Morningside and have been given a gift of caring and generosity.”