I’ve been visiting Morningside Bakery and Bookstore for over ten years. Just took a friend and had the best afternoon “snack” ever. We had a fabulous vegan burger and a delicious egg panini (absolute heaven- toasty wonderful hand crafted bread garnished with wonderful spices and beautiful fresh greens!)–we had no appetite for hours! Really good food. I have ordered the egg panini for years and it’s always the same kind of hand made slow cooked wonderful. The place is designed so interestingly too- reminds me of Mama’s Fishouse on Maui. The selection of books and music is wonderful-they’ve gone to the trouble of finding things so timely and important that you always wanted to read but didn’t quite know where to find. Take your time and enjoy.

I did notice when I went to the ratings there were mostly wonderful, but a few negative ones. I was surprised, but I have to say that the owners work incredibly hard to bring the healthiest most delicious food that feeds your body and soul- and maybe if a customer acts stupid or is ignorant of the important food issues in the world then… they may not suffer fools gladly. Their passion clearly shows and thank god for people that truly care. I’ve always gotten a beautiful smile and had a lovely time over the many years I’ve visited-so not quite sure what happened to those folks. Go see for yourself, you won’t regret it!

I just saw Cowspiracy, and understand why eating well is so important. After having the “burger” at Morningside, I want to know more. Vegan can be so amazingly delicious and filling and nourishing, I won’t miss eating animals ever again, and understand now. Thanks for the great food, the passion and the much needed light on issues.

Vegan or Omnivore- you will love the great food, great architecture, books and music!