at morningside organic, we’ve divested from dairy! join us at our fulford harbour bakery cafe & bookstore and enjoy our delicious coffees, teas, and divine chai — now with 100% non-dairy goodness.

UndairyYourselfPosterwe offer:

• organic rice mylk

• organic coconut mylk

• organic soy mylk

• organic sesame seed mylk

• organic almond mylk

• organic cashew nut mylk

enjoy our delicious vegan shakes with fresh fruit, veggies, and superfood.

we also offer vegan pizza, amazing non-dairy veggie burgers, and great vegan sandwiches.

we are also introducing vegan seafoods & vegan ‘meat’ products. you’ll love our vegan smoked salmon on a bagel!

we are committed to introducing you to delicious and healthy alternatives and moving totally away from animal products. now, at morningside, enjoy 100% organic, vegan food … all the time…. yum!



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