Miyoko's Vegan Cheese & Butter Now Available in Canada

before miyoko's, being vegan meant giving up the taste and texture of cheese that most everyone has grown to love. now, there is no excuse! miyoko's brings us a wide variety of tantalizing plant powered cheeses, made from cultured organic cashews, that will have  you wondering how you ever got along without them. we've made it easy to order them direct to your home, store, or restaurant. being vegan has never been easier!

find stores in canada near you that sell miyokos cultured cashew cheese and butter.

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Being vegan is the best way to reduce carbon emissions, pollution, deforestation, and species extinction while improving your health and well-being. Plus it is delicious!

Miyoko (say Me-Yo-Co) Schinner is the vegan celebrity chef behind Miyoko’s award-winning products. The publication of her best-selling book, Artisan Vegan Cheese, kicked off the start of the vegan cheese revolution.